Kill Team Faction Barricades WIP 2

Time for some more progress on the barricade project. Im now mostly done with the Marines and also did just a generic Barricade. Also took the liberty to improve the design and give them more steadiness with stands on the inner side. Its not much but at least a little less like to fall over.

As some might see i have made 3 generic astartes versions and also gave them a flat plane where people can just apply the chapter logo with a Transfer. That will be a better compromise since I simply can't make a version for every chapter.

The Barricades will be available as resin prints on my stores and im beginning to upload STL files as well for printing at your home.

Here another glimpse of my previous attempts for the other upcoming factions. Many of them are already revised and will be revealed in the next update.

Praise the Omnissiah

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