Next set of Kill Team faction Barricades WIP III

I got more progress done on my Kill Team Barricade Porject. I apologize for taking so long and the teasing. But even a heretek can keep his promise and finish the job!

So the Mechanicus Barricade is fully finished and already released as STL and prints! The Militarum, Traitor Guard, and Ork Barricades are also finished and will be released in the next days. The Demons and GSC just need a bit more tweaking and for the CSM, Death Guard and Sororitas I still have to make some Variations.


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I am so looking forward to the Sororitas, Chaos Demons and Deathguard ones. Those draft already look amazing!


Hey bud love your work, the shop is awesome. waiting for that sisters one, if it would be interesting at all to ya I’m happy to pay hourly on any work towards finishing and publishing it.

Thanks for all the awesome sculpts.

Zack Wiesnoski

Is there any update on the chaos space marine or blooded barricades?

Michael Murphy

I saw your Soroitas barricades but can not find them on your store do you have a link per chance? Awesome work on all of them BTW!

david phillips

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