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Imperial Statue - Inquisiton Agent

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A statue of an inquisitorial/ imperial Agent. A prestigious piece of holy imperial architecture, giving its surrounding place an aura of reverence and honor. Decorated with a detailed inscription (Vigilance)
enhancing your terrains, play tables, and dioramas. The Statues can also be used for objectives in atmospheric and narrative games of Warhammer 40k and other wargames.

Supplied unpainted but already removed the supports and UV cured, ready to start building and painting.
3D Printed on high-resolution 3d Resin Printer with 0.035 mm layers. The model is hollowed out and enables you to optionally upgrade it with LED effects and holes and damages.

Dimensions - Height: 12cm Wide: 4,5cm

Images with Skitarii & Space Marine model for scale comparison (not Included)


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