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STL's for Resin Printing

Kill Team 2021 Token Set - STL File Pack

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Time to upgrade your Kill Team games with these beautiful, streamlined token set to print out for yourself. Enough with the big flimsy paper tokens and make your gaming sessions more immersive. These tokens have a more compact footprint, solid feel and they can be painted up in any color combination you like.

Additionally I will continue to support and upload more new tokens based on your feedback, for new special rules and upcoming kill teams.

The package comes with models for all necessary tokens and even more new special ones to play Warhammer 40k Kill Team. All files are optimized and manifold.

Included is a Lychee Slicer scene with complete supports

Appropriately modeled to fit the 28mm wargaming scale. Best results with resin printing.

By buying this digital product you agree to the license terms below.

File Format

STL Files in a .zip Package


Personal License

For private and personal use only, no derivatives. Commercial distribution of physical production and sharing of the files is prohibited.

Print Instructions

Resin Printing is recommended for the optimal quality. Layersize is recommended between 0.02mm - 0.04mm