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Templar Champion Statue - Misprints

Faction: Imperium

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*These are misprinted models of the Templar Statues and have a bigger discount.

A statue of an honoured Templar Champion. A prestigious piece of holy imperial architecture, giving its surrounding place an aura of reverence and honor. Perfect for enhancing your terrains, play tables, and dioramas. The Statues can also be used as objective markers in atmospheric and narrative wargames.

Supplied unpainted but already removed the supports and UV cured, ready to start building and painting.
3D Printed on high-resolution 3d Resin Printer with 0.04 mm layers. The model is hollowed out and enables you to optionally upgrade it with LED effects or damage like bullet holes.


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Big version: H: 16cm W: 4,5cm
Small version: H: 9,5cm W: 3cm
Small with Plinth: H: 16cm


Grey UV resin designed for 3D SLA Printing
The Grey tone of the product may vary depending on the resin that is available to the forge.

Care Instructions

The model comes already cleaned from any supports and production materials. Cleaned with isopropanol alcohol. (you may need to fix some minor production marks)